World Leading top facilitator of volunteer work in Tanzania & Zanzibar Because we are enthusiastic about changing peoples’ lives, and dedicated to progressive travel, we are heavily involved with numerous charities through our project work in Zanzibar Islands. Our own Zanziplanet charity is called The Zanziplanet Foundation, and is a charitable entity of which we […]

10 Reasons to climb Kilimanjaro with Zanziplanet Tours Our Kilimanjaro ascent rates are slow and safe, resulting in a much higher than average summit success rate of 95% The safety of our treks on Kilimanjaro has been assessed by independent medical specialists Unlike many other tour operators on Kilimanjaro, our rate of ascent complies with […]

Travel Information Bottom of Form PASSPORTS & VISA All visitors to Tanzania require a return or onward ticket and a valid passport with an entry or re-entry visa, duly endorsed. Visas are not required for visitors from some Commonwealth countries and other specified countries. Visas can be obtained from any Tanzania Diplomatic Mission or Consulate […]