Coastal Area Sports Coaching & Physical Education Zanzibar



  • 2 Weeks – € 990
  • 4 Weeks – € 1495
  • 6 Weeks – € 1945

Nungwi Primary is the only primary school servicing the township of Zanzibar, which has in excess of 27,000 residents. This is A Northern part of Zanzibar school with over 1100 pupils and 20 teachers. The average classroom has between 45-55 children with only one teacher, so your efforts to assist will be hugely appreciated! Upon arrival each volunteer will do a course in ‘fundamental movement’.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a ‘ Trainers License Certificate’, accredited worldwide and an excellent tool for anyone wanting to further their career in this field.

Physical Education Lessons and Good Sport

The Good Sport concept is a true development model that starts from the bottom up – by reaching every child they create a very strong foundation for future success in all sporting codes. Good Sport work on (speed, agility and quickness) models, as well as team sports such as volleyball, football, netball and cricket. In the morning, they run physical education classes, and their after school programs consist of team sports. The program at Nungwi is run by Physical educational Officer, who you will meet, a Zanzibar trained coach.

Physical Education lessons run for 30mins each day, from 8.30am until 12.30, with each grade sending two classes at a time.


Soccer/Football Coaching

Zanziplanet Tour’s soccer coaching was inspired by a local guy from Jambiani Fishing Village, who single-handedly trains and coaches 5 youth football teams! Vuai has been involved with his teams for over 5 years and has reared his under 17’s to be top of the local league, despite having minimal facilities or equipment. His younger boys, the under 19’s, also look ready to take on the challenge as they have also stormed to the top of the league this year! Vuai and his boys are training to be the best, under conditions which are unusual to an average football team; they do not have a flat or football pitch sized bit of land to train on, instead they use a sandy and rocky outcrop in the middle of the township. They also do not have enough football boots for everyone’s feet. Instead, Vuai keeps all the football boots at his house, and the boys share odds and ends of old and donated boots, when it comes their time to train. They own minimal training equipment, cones and footballs and use whatever they can find to be their “goalposts”!

Although the football coaching is very rural and grass-roots, Vuai is an extremely dedicated individual whose passion rubs off on his enthusiastic and football fanatical boys! Volunteers will assist Vuai in coaching the various teams and contribute to sports development in an underprivileged township.

Volunteer Goals

  • To assist the coaches in the planning and execution of physical education lessons
  • To create structure for the children during the lesson time
  • To maintain consistency in the structure of the lesson
  • To provide or assist with any other additional work-load necessary to the program
  • To assist in the daily/weekly tasks/duties to achieve optimal operation of facilities
  • To take the initiative to use resources for afternoon projects, this is when you can independently flare!
  • To ask for direction from coaches and Zanziplanet Team when necessary

Note that during school holidays schools will be closed and neither physical education lessons nor sports coaching will take place. During this time holiday clubs will be running and there will be no shortage of amazing, rewarding and exciting work to do with the local kids and in the local communities.

The school holiday dates per year are as follows:

  • 24th of March-10th of April
  • 23rd of June-16th of July
  • 29th of September-9th of October
  • 7th of December the project CLOSES until mid January.

After morning projects, you will assist in the local community with various aspects in the afternoon. You will rotate between the following community projects (Please also understand that our projects are continuously evolving, being improved, and adapting to the needs of the local communities that we are involved with, so involvement areas do change from time to time. Rest assured your work will be necessary, rewarding and exciting)

Building and painting schools

Schools in Nungwi deal with a great shortage of classrooms and facilities, as a result of which they are limited to the amount of children they can accommodate. As a volunteer, you will assist with fixing fences and windows, and rebuilding and painting classrooms. This project will also involve community litter, glass and rubbish collection.


Orphanage As one of our afternoon community projects, Zanziplanet Tours works alongside a home for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS situated in the heart of one of the Zanzibar townships, providing a safe and healthy home to children whose parents and family members are unable to look after them. As a volunteer, you will be involved in spending invaluable time with the wonderful children there, including supervising homework and playing educational games, as well as making friendships. The children at the home make this community project a delight and an incredible amount of fun!

Nungwi Library

Zanzibar has been blessed with a wonderfully-resourced library and great facilities. The library offers many services to the community and volunteers slot into some of the existing programs at the library offered to members of the township. These include arts and crafts, puzzles, games, literacy, one on one reading, homework club and math club.

Children’s Safe House

You will also be involved in entertaining and being entertained by the children of a safe house in the local area. Here, crafts, games, dressing up and getting to know each and every wonderful personality is first and foremost. Volunteers also help out with homework for the older children and provide support, encouragement and laughter throughout.

Educare Centre

Volunteers will assist teachers with after school care by helping with game playing, reading (both one-on-one with the kids and to the group during story time), and with other activities they engage the children with i.e. art, music, and dancing.