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Useful Things To Know About Zanzibar Cruise Ports

If you're taking a cruise Holiday in the Eastern African it is likely your cruise ship will call in Zanzibar, Tanzania so here's everything you need to know and useful cruise tips about Zanzibar cruise ports. Zanzibar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, consisting of three major islands and over 100 small islets. The archipelago is known for its dramatic coastlines, tropical climate, and rich culture. It's a popular destination for luxury cruise ships crossing the Indian Ocean. Adventure Life offers cruises from Seychelles to Zanzibar, and the epic Zanzibar to Fremantle, Western Australia. In addition to cruising, travelers can explore Zanzibar by adding a beach extension trip and holiday packages after an exciting Tanzania safari. You may go for snorkeling, diving, swimming, and horseback riding. Stay at one of our favorite resorts or hotels, such as Park Hyatt Zanzibar Stone Town or Zuri Zanzibar. From here, explore the vibrant city of Stone Town, take an elephant ride to the Spice Islands, or head inland to view the magnificent rainforest. Contact us for a free customized itinerary created by our Zanzibar experts. We welcome and encourage international cruise lines to choose Zanzibar as their Homeport. We have a very efficient and modern Zanzibar Cruise Terminal which can complete immigration clearance of 3,000 passengers every hour.

Zanzibar Cruise Ports: Essential Tips and Attractions for a Memorable Voyage

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