Local Women and Children Empowerment Project



2 Weeks – € 660
4 Weeks – € 1300
6 Weeks – € 1650
8 Weeks – € 1970

Our vision is to improve the lives of women and children of the Swahili peoples via education, cultural exchange, games and fun play. We are a small, multicultural, fun and friendly volunteer Team. We truly care about the people of Zanzibar and we want to see them some day enjoy all the luxuries of life that we do in our respective homes and countries. We want your experience to be a very enjoyable one.

Please see how you can get involved in this project as a volunteer! Experience in the below subjects is not necessary as we have a curriculum that our volunteers can follow and use as a teaching guideline. This ensures teaching consistency and continuity in the classroom and will enable you to be a prepared and confident teacher. If you have a specific area of expertise or interest in addition to the below mentioned skills, please let us know in advance, so that we may be able to integrate your talent and/or interest in our program.

Teach English – Volunteers teach English lesson to local women, curriculum is provided for our volunteers. This ensures teaching consistency as well as makes teaching easier for volunteers who do not have prior experience in the area. We also have a Swahili translator available daily. You can teach up to 20 students daily.

Teach Business – Volunteers teach business to local woman – our curriculum is developed in both English and Swahili and a local program manager assists with translation if necessary. Many of the women in the area are small business owners; however, they do not understand the basic principles of business. Our business classes are very basic and easy for volunteers to understand and teach without prior business knowledge or experience.

Teach Computers – Volunteers teach computers to local women’ we offer a curriculum for our volunteers to follow, basic computer skills help women run their business more efficiently (i.e. spreadsheets tied to their cash flow, inventory, etc.). Our volunteers teach the basics of MS Word and MS Office.

Home Visits – Every Friday we visit 2 of our students to learn about their lives, to share our cultural experiences, to appreciate their way of life and struggles and to help us understand how best to help our students in the future. Our students are very appreciative of our visits, we meet their families, share a meal with them and it is a lovely day to spend the day

Graduation Ceremony – Those volunteers who volunteer with us at the end of a semester have the unique opportunity to organize and participate during a graduation ceremony for our students. It is a very joyous occasion for our students, their families and our volunteers.