Mountain Climbing & Hiking

“Experience High Altitude Adventure”

Although Mount Kilimanjaro tops the list as Africa’s most famous and highest mountain, Tanzania boasts many other mountain ranges and attractive peaks. Most of the Country’s mountains and volcanoes are located in the north and east of the country. They vary from the dramatic crater of Mount Meru and the active Volcano of Ol Donyo Lengai to tamper options like the Usambara Mountains and the comparatively gentle slopes of the Crater Highlands.

Mountain climbing and hiking trips in Tanzania are becoming popular options for visitors not content with merely observing the country from the back of a game viewing vehicle. Instead, adventurous types are taking advantage of the many trails and peaks Tanzania has to offer.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

10 Reasons to climb Kilimanjaro with Zanziplanet Tours:

  • Our Kilimanjaro ascent rates are slow and safe, resulting in a much higher than average summit success rate of 95%
  • The safety of our treks on Kilimanjaro has been assessed by independent medical specialists
  • Unlike many other tour operators on Kilimanjaro, our rate of ascent complies with Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS) guidelines. Continue reading


Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

Machame Route

This is probably the most scenic and most beautiful route to the summit. The 6-day route is however physically more challenging than the Marangu route. The day walks are longer and steep and the summit night is one hour shorter. The scenic traverse of the Western Breach offers some stunning views! Only tented accommodation available, which can be less comfortable and will require a good sleeping bag and hiking mattress.Continue reading


Northern&Southern Circuit

Rising up from the floors of the rift Valley, the crater Highlands forms a lush chain of mountains and volcanoes that includes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the surrounding Maasai tribal lands. Hiking safaris organized by Zanziplanet Tours take visitors from Ngorongoro Crater to the foot of Ol Donyo Lengai and offer a chance to see some of the most spectacular and stunning scenery in Tanzania. Exploring this little visited wilderness is the hiking adventure of a lifetime. Continue reading