Pemba Lodge

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Pemba Lodge, situated on the remote and beautiful Shamiani Island off Pemba Island, Zanzibar, is the first true eco-lodge on the island of Pemba/Tanzania.


Pemba Lodge is a tropical hideaway. It is perfect if you want to relax or if you want to enjoy the untouched nature of this paradise Indian Ocean Island. Having just 5 comfortable rooms, you will find ultimate privacy and serenity at Pemba Lodge, making it also ideal for a very romantic honeymoon destination.

Pemba Lodge is owned and managed by Nassor, a local from Pemba. Nassor was inspired to develop a true eco-lodge in his homeland Pemba, following a responsible tourism philosophy which conserves the natural environment as well as gives local people opportunities, to ultimately create a satisfying and authentic experience for visitors enjoying this unique and unexplored part of the world.


At Pemba Lodge a maximum of ten guests will be on the island at any period of time creating a feeling of solitude and calm in which you will be able to relax completely away from the stress, noise and pressure of normal life. There is a space of 35 – 40 metres between the bungalows to ensure privacy and all face the aquamarine Indian Ocean next to the powdery white beach.

Each room has a feeling of simplicity:

  • A large living and sleeping area and balcony.
  • A dressing area and en-suite bathroom with a shower utilizing collected rainwater.
  • A book shelf, beautiful desk and chair.
  • A robust bespoke wardrobe fabricated from the retired seafaring boats.

Pemba Lodge’s interior echoes its ethos with its use of natural and recycled materials:

  • Converted dhows and ngalawa boats can be evidenced in the creation of our large double beds (which all have their own mosquito nets). On closer inspection, the original corks and nails can be seen still in place, evoking a sense of how local fishermen carry out their carpentry craft on the boats.
  • Natural air conditioning from cross ventilation has been designed by the local architect.
  • Solar powered lights are discreetly placed.
  • Compost toilets using the latest technology from South Africa provide an environmentally friendly alternative to water-consuming conventional toilets.
  • The makuti roofs are made from palm tree foliage which absorbs the heat to keep the bungalow cool; and following tradition, special manjanvi (grass) walls also are used traditionally to keep the place cool and airy together with wooden floors.

Each bungalow at Pemba Lodge has been built on stilts 1 metre off the ground to keep it cool and to capture the gentle Pemba breezes from the monsoon winds.


The open central restaurant is furnished with dining chairs, tables and sofas created from reclaimed dhow and ngalawas boats retrieved from retired fishermen and a variety of harbors around the island.

What’s included at Pemba Lodge?

  • Kayaking.
  • Snorkeling equipment.

Other activities

At Pemba Lodge the favourite activity is relaxing and doing nothing!

However, there are a number of activities to be enjoyed around the Lodge and the island:

  • Pemba Lodge has a small book collection at which you are welcome to exchange books.
  • Kayaking around the island and through the mangrove creeks.
  • Experience beautiful bush trails – accompanied by a member of staff.
  • At low tide intertidal/reef walks to gain an understanding of the ecology of the local sealife.
  • Snorkeling equipment is available to use.
  • Diving the spectacular Pemba reefs.
  • Local Swahili massage using natural oils, henna body art and African hair styling.
  • Bird watching, especially in the mornings: black and white hornbill, paradise fly catcher, rollers, Kwarara, redeye pigeon, pied kingfisher, sunbird, mnana, common tern and little tern.
  • Sunrise and sunset watching.
  • Stargazing in the night sky. The location away from the pollution and lights of the big cities makes the sky at night magically come alive with stars and planets not normally viewed.

Environment and local community

Pemba Island has a strong indigenous culture which has yet to be exposed to commercial tourism. Most Pembans are farmers, fishermen and artisans – there is a rich history of storytelling and a strong belief in magic and traditional medicines. Predominantly Muslim, the religious rituals and celebrations are followed and adhered to.

Pemba is home to the endemic and endangered Flying Fox bat and a host of other rare birds, amphibians and animals. The ancient Ngezi Forest is a protected area where rangers will guide you through the temperate rain forest and delight you with tales of the forest’s long history and development.

Pemba Lodge has been created to have minimum impact on the environment.

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Pemba Lodge offers the perfect romantic getaway with comfortable and relaxing facilities and a high level of privacy. This property is also perfect for parties looking to hire their own private paradise island!


Manta Reef Lodge

The lodge is located on the Ras Kigomasha peninsula, north of the Ngezi forest. It can be reached from either Mkoani Port by Taxi, ChakeChake airport and also via the mainland by boats from Tanga in Tanzania and Shimoni in Kenya through the port of Wete.

The lodge has 10 sea front bungalows, 2 honeymoon bungalows and 2 garden family cottages with two bedrooms in each.

Free seating around the verandah, is the main location for all meals. Breakfasts are English style, with a selection of pancakes, eggs, bacon, alongside fruits, mandazi or bread, coffee, tea, always served with a big smile to wake you up Pemba style. Lunch will be a salad, soup, choice of hot main dish, (pastas, fish fillet, chicken) and vegetables, and always fruit to finish off. If you are selecting to go on a day trip where there will be a picnic lunch, there is always a lunch box, or better are the Biriani lunches that are served, with any fresh fish caught cooked direct on the beach. A cook comes along and makes a real effort to make it a memorable meal. Dinner is always under the unique starry nights on the veranda and on the beach for BBQ’s on occasions. Buffet selection, fish and meats, with a cake or dessert as well as fruits. The Lodge has a fine selection of wines from South Africa as well as Chile. Beers, sodas, bottled water, soft drinks and spirits as well as local juices are all served.

There is a health bar at the beach with massage, reflexology, manicure /pedicure, facials. A PADI Dive centre, scuba courses, snorkelling, escorted kayak tours, fishing, boat trips to sand banks and Njao & Fundu gap.