Sky Safari

Sky Safari is flying safari based on Elewana properties the up market brand of Sopa lodges. This majestically crafted itinerary of 7 nights starts and finishes at Kilimanjaro airport. All the properties in this itinerary are intimate small units guaranteed to offer satisfaction.

sky safari2

Featured properties within the itinerary are: The Arusha Coffee Lodge, Tarangire Treetops, the Manor at Ngorongoro and Serengeti Migration Camp. Making up the Elewana portfolio in Tanzania, these award winning properties are small and intimate. Experience a chic plantation house at The Arusha Coffee Lodge, an intrepid Tree House at Treetops, a lavish estate home at The Manor and a luxurious tented camp in the Serengeti.

Equestrian Safaris (Horse Safaris)

Tanzania has a few operators that offer horseback safaris unlike anything else in Africa. Galloping alongside a herd of Zebra or wildebeest as they race across the open plains is a lifelong dream for many riders the world over. Tanzania’s horse safaris offer the chance to make the dream a reality with well-bred, well-schooled mounts, professional equipment and the luxury of miles and miles of countryside in which to ride.

horseback safari2

The wild animals are not afraid of horses in the same way that they are of cars or pedestrians, allowing you to get much closer than usual. You must be an accomplished rider if you wish to go on a horse safari as these expeditions will take you into the wilderness, riding in the same terrain as the wild animals. You will ride daily, your ‘game drives’ on horseback. The camp can be in one site for several days or can move daily by truck. The types of camps that accompany these safaris vary, from lightweight luxury to luxury.

Wedding Safaris

When traveling with Zanziplanet Tours, begin your big day with a game or walking Safari, arrive at the altar on horseback and get married with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background and local Maasai as witnesses.

wedding safari

The choice are endless and there are many companies who are happy to work through the plentiful African red tape to ensure you have an unforgettable Wedding day – and legally binding marriage.

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Cultural Safaris

A cultural Safaris organized by Zanziplanet Tours consists of several days staying in local budget guesthouses, eating local food and absorbing the real culture of African people who have lived in the area for years. Each day is usually spent trekking and visiting farms, houses and local projects.

cultural safari

All meals will be in small restaurants and your nights spent in clean but simple local guesthouses.

Walking and Trekking Holidays

Walking and trekking holidays allow you to combine your passion for walking with your love of adventure travel. Our small group format offers an activity level to suit you, in the company of experienced guides and walking companions.
We offer easy walks with sightseeing or wine tasting, through to iconic challenges such as trekking the Inca Trail or hiking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

To walk through the African bush is also to experience Africa close-up. Smells are suddenly subtle and varied and every sound has significance. Birds and butterflies are individuals, noticed and studied, not simply rushed past in the race for the bigger game. And when the larger animals appear, they are met at eye level, standing on the same earth. Safety is not an issue – armed, experienced guides and game rangers will accompany all your walks. Your Camp is packed up and transported to the next location by different methods: pickup truck, porters or donkeys. The camping style tends to be lightweight and extremely mobile. You will walk for several days, travelling like nomads across the African Bush often miles from any roads or tucks.


Night Game Drives

The bush is a completely different world at night which is what makes night drives so special. Lake Manyara National Park is currently the only National Park that allows this activity when traveling with Zanziplanet Tours, an exciting one in a lifetime experience. At night, animals behave quite differently than during than during the day, and you never know who you might encounter on a night out.

night game drive

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