Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium VIP Guided Behind the Scenes Tour

Enjoy a behind the scenes VIP Tour with top specialists at Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium, Zanzibar’s No.1 attraction and one of the most spectacular aquariums in Tanzania! With over 50 exhibits and home to the Tanzania’s largest variety of Sea Turtle and some tuna fish.

Tour Highlights

  • VIP guided tour of Zanzibar’s No.1 attraction, Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium.
  • Experience Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium and all its exhibits in depth.
  • Small-group VIP tour of maximum 5 people.
  • 90-minutes behind the scenes tour.
  • Bonus – free same day re-entry to Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium.

If you’re looking for something different, why not consider a VIP Tour of Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium. Swim with the keepers for a behind-the-scenes look at the Turtle enclosures and Tuna fishes where you will get to feed the Turtles and Kingfish. Enter the Aquarium exhibit where you’ll have the opportunity to see how live coral is grown and look at the holding and breeding tanks. The keepers will give you insight to how the aquarium works and answer your questions about the marine life living within. You’ll even get a guide book to take home.

Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium has live feeding times daily, which are open to all visitors. Watch the keepers feed and check on the sea turtles every morning and afternoon at the Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

Nowhere else in Tanzania will you find a larger collection of Nungwi aquatic life – 6500 species! If you see nothing else in Zanzibar, see Nungwi Sea Turtle Natural Aquarium – it’s a natural experience you’re not likely to forget!

Please note: Due to the needs of the animals, all live feeding times are subject to change without prior notice