• Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $379

Zanzibar Quad Adventure will bring you to discover one of the most remote areas in the heart of Zanzibar Island. Driving your own quad bike enjoy a rich off-road-itinerary into wild landscapes:
• Sugar cane and pineapple plantation
• Paddy rice fields
• The village of Boma with its children and houses made by red soil and mud
• Coconut palms and secular Baobab
• Spice trees and fruit plantation.
The vehicles used for this excursion are POLARIS TRAIL BOSS 330CC, easy to drive, completely automatic and powerful enough to climb on any type of ground and off-road..

Day 1

Kilimanjaro might be the highest mountain in Africa – and one of the toughest trekking challenges in the world – but we believe you can conquer it! We have two specialist treks to the 5895m summit, using the two most beautiful and quietest routes – Lemosho and Rongai. Our treks include a generous amount of acclimatisation time, giving you the best possible chance of reaching the summit at Uhuru Peak. There’s no getting round it: climbing Kilimanjaro is tough, but since January 2012 no less than 95% of our trekkers have successfully made it to the top. No other trekking companies can offer you a better chance of success.

Day 2
Mountain Lakes


Economy Accomodation May – Sep. Oct. – April
  • Winston Beach Resort
  • Sunrise Family Hotel
Single $599 $499
Double $429 $329


Standard Accomodation May – Sep. Oct. – April
  • Grand Pyramid Hotel
  • Santa Monica Hotel
Single $619 $519
Double $449 $349


Luxury Accomodation May – Sep. Oct. – April
  • Sonelly Beach Resort
  • Sand Garden Hotel
Single $659 $559
Double $489 $389