Sail Over Mangapwani Beach Restaurant

Sail over Mangapwani Beach Restaurant, in the northern part of Stone Town, pass over Prince Salme’s Spice Garden. The day tour includes visiting the old cave of Mangapwani, discovering the slave chambers used to hide slaves during the abolition in 1873, and visiting the old village of Bumbwini to discover the economic and cultural activities. Depending on the time of year, this can be an excellent tour for doing pristine snorkeling, relax down the beach, taking authentic Swahili lunch, and discover the village of Mangapwani sipping some coconut juices.

Sail Over Mangapwani Beach Restaurant

Tour Highlights

  • Day trip over Mangapwani Beach Restaurant.
  • Sail over Mangapwani Beach Restaurant.
  • Travel past Prince Salme’s Spice Garden.
  • Discover the old cave of Mangapwani village.
  • Visit the Slave Chambers at Mangapwani Village.
  • Pickup and drop-off from Stone Town is available.

At Mangapwani Beach Restaurant, visit the old cave where the local peoples used to fetch some water for their normal consumption. Discover the magnificent village of Bumbwini where past history happened there. Relax and have some authentic Swahili lunch over beautiful natural restaurant with tidal winds. This is the opportunity to discover the slave chambers where the slaves were kept for the purpose of working in sugarcane plantations in Mauritius. After having full day relaxation head back to Stone Town with your traditional dhow, your friendly guide will tell you all the story of ancient Zanzibar.

Recent Reviews of this Tour

  • My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The sailing dhow was wonderful. When we were on our way to Mangapwani our captain and guide took us on a great tour, stopping and pointing out numerous points. Also took us down to Slave Chambers which was fantastic. All in all I really think its well worth going.
  • It was really wonderful. We waited at our hotel and the company car arrived on time. The sailing dhow and beautiful scenery were great.
    We enjoyed the later sailing dhow with good talking of captain and guide. We recommend this tour.