Skip the Line VIP Tour: Swahili Fashion Week

Don’t miss this VIP opportunity of discovering the culture of Swahili peoples in Tanzania through Swahili Fashion Week Show which is once again and again upon us. Enjoy this 5th annual festival of East African Style like a VIP which set to be the best of the best of the best.

Skip the Line VIP Tour: Swahili Fashion Week

Tour Highlights

  • Head to Swahili Fashion Week with Deluxe Transfer
  • Enjoy Champagne & Wines in your Deluxe Transport while heading to Swahili Fashion Week Show
  • Discover the blend of designs from East Africa.
  • Watch carefully the showcase of International Fashion Designers.
  • Head back to your Deluxe Dar es Salaam Hotel like a VIP.
  • Covered by Worry-free policy-guaranteed on-time return to your Dar es Salaam Hotel.

East Africa Fashion Industry is gearing up for 5th installment of Swahili Fashion Show- Week-Only this time, it is set to be bigger and better than ever before.

Skip the line like a VIP Ticket to see the beauty of East Africa which is established as a valuable platform for East Africa Fashion and accessory designers to showcase their talents and creativity. Swahili Fashion Week has progressed in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2008.

As VIP, expect to see a blend of designers from East Africa showcasing their talents under one roof as we celebrate our fifth year after its inception in 2008. Thus, for the first time, Zanziplanet Tours invites you a VIP Tour of Swahili Fashion Week.

The aim of this tour is to join Swahili Fashion Week which has also aim to expand ever further, to bring to the fore the very best fashion talents that Eastern Africa has to offer and to promote East African Fashion Brands, in the hope that this will improve the quality and output of fashion design from the region.

The tour is also the foremost opportunity for local and international designers to market their creativity and network with clientele and the international fashion industry, creating opportunities for East African products in African Diaspora Markets and a platform for up and coming young designers.

The VIP Tour is all about pushing toward emphasizing to the region that fashion is an income generating creative industry, whilst promoting a “Made in Africa” concept. All fans of outdoors and admires of Swahili Fashion Week, culture, art, and crafts across the globe should not miss this World-Class event.

Zanziplanet Tours invites you to visit some of the events at the National Museum of Tanzania in Dar es Salaam, from November, 8th 2013.

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