Swahili Food tasting & Cooking Tour

Zanziplanet Tours welcomes you in this rare opportunity to taste and learn how to cook Swahili Foods in Zanzibar Traditional way. This authentic Swahili experience starts with traditional shopping activities at the local Historical Market in Darajani to buy the ingredients of Swahili Menu of the day with the assistance of our instructor.

Swahili Food tasting & Cooking Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Luxury transfers to Darajani Historical Market.
  • Purchasing some Swahili cooking ingredients with your friendly guide.
  • Starting the lesson of cooking Authentic Swahili Foods.
  • Taste and Eat your romantic Swahili Food with all three courses( Starter, Main Course, Desert)
  • Share some History of cooking and Swahili traditional Foods.
  • Head back to your Hotel with your Deluxe transfer of full Air Condition, facial tissues & and Mineral Water.

The Menu may include octopus soup or “Urojo” for the Starter and aromatic Zanzibar Dishes like “Pilau, biriani, samaki, pweza, or kuku wa kupaka” (chicken or seafood cooked in coconut), banana and cassava recipes for the main dishes, and “kaimati or Visheti” for the desserts.

Once the appropriate ingredients are purchased, the instructor demonstrates how the food is prepared and cooked with the opportunity to participate and try it yourself. Soon the food is cooked; participants share the food by tasting and eating with their hosts in traditional Swahili way. Each participant is given certificate of attendance by Zanziplanet Tours.

Need more info about Swahili Food Tasting and Cooking Tour? Please call us now or meet our Zanziplanet Team to book your tour and get huge Bonus of 50% for your next trip to Zanzibar.