The Rock Restaurant Sunset Dinner from Stone Town.

Travel through the scenic Rock Restaurant on a one-way trip from Stone Town to East Coast of Zanzibar. Stop at Jozani Forest along the way and discover the life of rare Colobus Monkey, feed with them some leaves or fruits, pass on the mangrove trees and walk on the beautiful mahogany forest where the local animals are living in peace and harmony

The Rock Restaurant Sunset Dinner from Stone Town.

Tour Highlights

  • One-way tour to The Rock Restaurant Sunset Dinner from Stone Town to East Coast.
  • Relaxing and scenic way to eat your romantic dinner at The Rock Restaurant.
  • See the sunset on a beautiful Rock Restaurant.
  • See the rare red colobus monkey, mangrove trees, mahogany forest.
  • Visit Jozani National Park.

Take advantage of the many wonderful opportunities to photograph the breathtaking views, and head to the most wonderful and magical restaurant of The Rock in the East Coast of Zanzibar! Enjoy your romantic dinner with authentic Swahili Cuisines with beautiful Sunset divination during the evening time.

Walk across the bridge to discover the mangrove trees, see the endangered and rare red colobus monkey at Jozani National Park. Take some interactive photo shooting with your partner and walk on a beautiful large forest of Mahogany where the local animals live in peace and harmony.
Head back to your Stone Town Hotel so as to relax and make your holiday the most wonderful and spectacular!