Zanzibar Cultural Iftar & Trail – Ramadan Experience

Experience the humble traditions of Ramadan with a communal Iftar and sunset trail through the historic Heart of Stone Town. We engage in an open discussion of Ramadan—its meaning, traditions and stories—with Expert Guide, a friendly Zanzibar born in the Heart of Stone Town. After a communal iftar, we take a stroll through the souks to taste our favourite neighborhood bread and lemonade, chat with the locals, window shop for Ramadan fabrics, sample dates and unwind over traditional treats at the oldest cafeteria in the souk.

Tour Highlight:

  • Zanzibar cultural Iftar in Stone Town.
  • Learn the meaning of Ramadan.
  • Taste some Ramadan local foods in Zanzibar.
  • Window shop for Ramadan Fabrics.
  • Hotel pickup and drop off included.

What can you expect?

17:00 Welcome:

We meet at your central Zanzibar Hotel, drive down 55 kilometer towards Stone Town. This will be area to start your tour

18:00-18:30 Cultural Introduction of Stone Town:

Engage in an interactive discussion with our Expert Guide, our welcoming Zanzibar host. Our Guide will chat about connection with Heart of Islam and the spirit of Ramadan.

18:30-19:45 Communal Iftar and Volunteering:

Participate in a communal Iftar, followed by an optional community service activity in keeping with the generous spirit of Ramadan.

19:45-21:00 Heart of Stone Town Trail:

Hear Guide’s stories; snack on hot butter-slathered bread, sip masala chai with the locals; pop old-school lemonade; window-shop for quirky Ramadan fabrics in the old Stone Town Shops.

21:00-21:30 Zanzibar Coffee House:

Unwind over a tasting of a traditional Swahili porridge from the oldest cafeteria in Stone Town, delicious dates and Arabic coffee brewed from a blend made by local Chefs.

21:30 Farewell:

Bid farewell and take a quick guided walk back to your central Hotel.