Zanzibar Old City and Mosque Walking Tour during Ramadan

Take a morning trip with us in Old Stone Town to witness the city’s unique marvels. Travel back in time with your local guide to its old bustling souks, walk its narrow lanes, and learn much about Swahili culture and history which includes a visit to old Mosque and Princess Salme’s Museum. Find out just how Zanzibar has become one of the Muslim Island in Africa!

Tour Highlights:

  • Discover some Persian Old Mosques in Zanzibar town.
  • Learn our Swahili Culture.
  • Visit Princess Salme Museum at Hurumzi streets.
  • See the largest Malindi Mosque in Stone Town.
  • Discover Prison Island by private boat.
  • Entrance fees to selected sights are included.

What can you expect?

You’ll start the day, after meeting your guide at Malindi Mosque, by learning about the holy month of Ramadan and facets of the Islamic faith. Later, you’ll enjoy walking the streets of Old Stone Town, stopping by a few enchanting sights and witnessing the city’s dynamic history woven by its people.

Your guide’s goal is to take you through a journey of tales to show you just how the small Arab village became a top destination city throughout the sands of time. Learn about the city’s incredible leadership, people, and their traditions and livelihoods when you visit the Pincess Salme’s Museum.

Pass by the Gold, Tanzanite, Spice, and textile souks where once upon a time, vendors were only known by their names so you would often find a buyer shouting out ‘CHAVDA’ in search for his trusted vendor. There, you can practice your haggling skills and have the ‘Ghali Sana’ (very expensive) debate to score your best price for your souvenirs. Afterwards, hop on a traditional dhow boat and cross over to Prison Island to enjoy some additional exploring.

This 04 hour tour in old Stone Town is designed to capture the old city’s magic and the local culture from the eyes and experience of a local. The farewell point will also be near Memories of Zanzibar shop in Shangani Streets should you wish to return for additional shopping at your own leisure after the conclusion of the tour around 14h30.