Zanzibar Stone Town Photography Walking Tour: Twilight Sunset Tour

On this unique photography tour you will move around Zanzibar Stone Town not as a tourist but as a Swahili VIP photographing some of the most famous places in East Africa and understand from a photographic point of view, the Swahili life, their markets, the romantic sunset bars and the mysterious and hidden places. This in-depth private photo walking tour is hosted by an expert photographer. Please list any special interests you have at the time of booking to alert your photographer-guide, so they can prepare for your private tour.

Tour Highlights

  • Twilight photography walking tour of Zanzibar Stone Town.
  • Guided walking tour at sunset through the backstreets of Stone Town.
  • Discover hidden romantic sunset bars, squares and markets, and visit Freddie Mercury House.
  • Tips for photographing people and night scenes, composition and lighting.
  • Practical tips from your professional photographer guide.

You will also learn how to approach people and capture the spontaneous emotions, expressions and interactions among people that tell the story of Zanzibar Stone Town and the people who celebrate it with you. Places visited will be Darajani Historical Market, Palace Museum, Freddie Mercury’s House, The House of Wonder (in front of) Forodhani Gardens, The Stone Town Curio Shops and surrounding area. There are photo opportunities on every corner and each location we visit offers its own unique photographic challenges and we will explore different styles of reportage story telling.

Your Zanzibar Stone Town Photography Walking Tour ends at Forodhani Garden where you can enjoy mouthwatering drinks.

Some of the things you will learn from your photographer guide:
How to incorporate lighting conditions to create dramatic photos.

How to capture the atmosphere of a particular scene.

How to compose a photograph to get the maximum effect.