World Leading top facilitator of volunteer work in Tanzania & Zanzibar Because we are enthusiastic about changing peoples’ lives, and dedicated to progressive travel, we are heavily involved with numerous charities through our project work in Zanzibar Islands. Our own Zanziplanet charity is called The Zanziplanet Foundation, and is a charitable entity of which we are extremely proud.

Zanziplanet Tours is pride to have been instrumental in the promotion of The Zanziplanet Foundation (in 2008 and continues to be one of the Foundations major supporters around Zanzibar Islands. Donations made to support our Zanzibar rural community and conservation initiatives by private donors as well as by Zanziplanet Tours as a volunteerism organization are organized and distributed on our behalf by The Zanziplanet Foundation.

The Foundation works Hands in Hands with local Zanzibar communities to conserve and protect Beach environment, Marine Life Parks and Swahili cultures in areas where the Foundation is involved and strives to make a meaningful difference to Africa’s communities and wildlife. Welcome Zanziplanet Volunteers….Welcome to a beautiful Island of Zanzibar””