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Zanziplanet Swahili Language Flagship manages the World’s nations in planning, designing, supporting, implementing and monitoring programs of advanced language education. Through a sustainable and progressive partnership of the government, education, and business, Zanziplanet Swahili Language Flagship seeks to graduate students who will stand among the next generation of global professionals, commanding a superior level of fluency in one of many languages critical to America, Europe and Asia competitiveness, business, diplomacy, and security.

Zanziplanet Swahili Language Flagship Programs:

Zanziplanet Swahili Language Flagship Program is for the undergraduate and postgraduate level only. The Program is structured as a two-layer program. The home component (the first layer) is designed to train students to reach the language proficiency level required for the overseas component (the second layer) in Tanzania. American Councils administers the overseas component only. The logical progression would be for a student to start with the domestic undergraduate component and then proceed to the overseas component in Zanzibar.

Abroad - Zanzibar, Tanzania

The summer and/or academic year Zanziplanet Swahili Abroad Flagship Program is targeted for undergraduate and postgraduate students currently enrolled at World’s Universities domestic program who have reached an intermediate level of proficiency equivalent to Level 1/1+ on ILR scale. Heritage speakers are encouraged to apply. The summer and/or academic year abroad component of the program is managed by American Councils for International Education.

The abroad program features formal coursework on discourse development, individualized tutorials, biweekly excursions, and home-stays with Swahili-speaking families. Participants benefit from extensive opportunities for professionally focused language development through regular university courses in their area of specialization during the fall semester and internships with local organizations during the spring semester.


Students who successfully complete the Swahili Abroad Flagship Program receive academic credits from The Sate University of Zanzibar. American Councils has arranged for the recognition of overseas Flagship course work through State University of Zanzibar, a home Flagship institution, for worldwide students who require a transcript of work completed under this program.

Host Foundation

Discover the hidden treasures of Zanzibar and its Swahili culture through language. Zanziplanet Tours manage and organize National Flagship Swahili Programs. The program is established to monitor and assist worldwide qualified students in attaining the ACTFL Intermediate-Mid/Intermediate-High level in Swahili language proficiency and it targets undergraduate students in any academic discipline, and majors. Heritage Swahili speakers of are also encouraged to apply.

The Zanziplanet Swahili Flagship Program is a collaboration of Zanziplanet Tours and The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). The program is funded by Zanziplanet Tours and The Zanziplanet Foundation. The academic institutions affiliated with Zanziplanet Swahili Flagship program are all Nations across the World and American Councils for International Education.

Swahili Learning Resources

General Information:

  • The State University of Zanzibar Library
  • Tanzanian Tourist Information
  • Zanzibar Tourism
  • Tanzania Embassy, Washington D.C.
  • Languages of Tanzania

Swahili Online Dictionaries:

  • Kamusi Project Dictionary
  • Swahili dictionary

Language Links:

  • Swahili Grammar

Swahili Language Newspapers

  • Mwananchi/Nipashe
  • Dima
  • Raia Mwema

English language papers/magazines:

  • The Citizen
  • Daily News
  • Transerve

Other Important Media:

  • IPP Media
ZanziPlanet Curriculum

The Academic Program:

The academic year program at Zanziplanet consists of daily private tutorials and intensive small-group instruction. In the fall semester, participants attend lectures and seminars in their fields of specialization alongside Tanzanian students, and they receive credits from State University of Zanzibar.

In the spring semester, participants will have internships with a variety of private or governmental institutions, and will be able to enroll in a university course, based on their field of interest.

Participants are expected to master professional discourse and register sufficient for a broad range of communicative functions such as negotiation, presentations, impromptu interpretation, and representation of the host organization in a range of venues. Informal program components include excursions and cultural events, Flagship Discussion Club meetings, special interest activities, and volunteer opportunities. The summer-only program will be intensive language learning.

Host Director

Zanziplanet Tours is a full-time director oversees the Swahili Abroad Flagship Program on the ground. Zanziplanet Team accompanies the group; serves as a liaison between university administrators, faculty, and Zanzibar participants; plans, monitors the academic and cultural programs; and assists worldwide participants as they adjust (or re-adapt) to life in Tanzania. Zanziplanet Team is available at all times to assist in the event of emergencies. Zanziplanet Team works in collaboration with the academic coordinator, who is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of the residential programs

Zanziplanet Swahili Flagship Program

The National Swahili Flagship program at Zanziplanet is designed to assist qualified students to reach intermediate level of proficiency equivalent to 1/1+ on ILR scale in two or more skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The Program is based to all undergraduate and postgraduate students (Swahili majors and non-majors) and heritage speakers (someone who speaks Swahili language at home).

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