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Volunteer Projects Based In Zanzibar
Founded in 2009 Zanziplanet Tours is experienced in facilitating responsible volunteering in Zanzibar Islands. We believe we are the on-the-field Zanzibar experts in volunteer project management. We pride ourselves on being your friend savvy of responsible and meaningful travel in partnership with our charity Zanziplanet Foundation.

Volunteering with us in Zanzibar could mean anything from working with Marine and Beach Conservation in our Zanzibar Environment Protection Project in Zanzibar, to teaching children in Uroa Fishing Village or HIV/AIDS work in Zanzibar Islands…

Explore Projects Based In Zanzibar


Zanzibar is a place of the senses and history: the sound of untamed Indian Ocean Breezes; the feel of the rhythm and charmed hospitality of its people; the sight of Zanzibar sun rising divination across open plains; the smell of rain on a dry earth; and the taste of untamed spices and adventure…

Our sports ranging and Marine Parks courses allow you to explore the magnificent marine life of Zanzibar. With extensive operations on the Heart of Stone Town Zanzibar, and a solid network of partners, we have first hand-picked our favorite beach safari and adventure travel trips, and can facilitate groups, short term volunteering, and numerous other tailored travel packages.

Coastal Area Sports Coaching & Physical Education Zanzibar



  • 2 Weeks – € 990
  • 4 Weeks – € 1495
  • 6 Weeks – € 1945

Nungwi Primary is the only primary school servicing the township of Zanzibar, which has in excess of 27,000 residents. This is A Northern part of Zanzibar school with over 1100 pupils and 20 teachers. The average classroom has between 45-55 children with only one teacher, so your efforts to assist will be hugely appreciated! Upon arrival each volunteer will do a course in ‘fundamental movement’.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a ‘ Trainers License Certificate’, accredited worldwide and an excellent tool for anyone wanting to further their career in this field. Read More…..

Local Women and Children Empowerment Project



2 Weeks – € 660
4 Weeks – € 1300
6 Weeks – € 1650
8 Weeks – € 1970

Our vision is to improve the lives of women and children of the Swahili peoples via education, cultural exchange, games and fun play. We are a small, multicultural, fun and friendly volunteer Team. We truly care about the people of Zanzibar and we want to see them some day enjoy all the luxuries of life that we do in our respective homes and countries. We want your experience to be a very enjoyable one. Read More…..

Orphan And Teaching Project, Zanzibar



2 weeks € 970
4 weeks € 1555
6 weeks € 2075

As an orphan and teaching volunteer you will spend 4 of the five week days at one of our 7 schools. During your four days at the school you will generally divide your day into teaching in the morning and practical and resource development work in the afternoon (the major development work in the schools is done over the school holiday months of April, August and December). Alternate Fridays will be community days where you will help a local project with practical needs (such as a feeding program) or have a fun day. Every other Friday is used for fundraising for the community day.

The establishments you will be involved in are divided into 3 categories: Read More…..

Zanzibar Budget Volunteering

Project Costs:

  • 2 weeks € 860
  • 4 weeks € 1295
  • 6 weeks € 1685
  • 8 weeks € 2075

In the magnificent and Historical city of Zanzibar, Zanziplanet Tours invites you to join the Team on our rewarding Sports Coaching Assistance and Community Outreach Projects, in the small rural village of Nungwi, Zanzibar.

Zanziplanet Tours is now offering this Community Upliftment Program as a Budget Volunteering experience, to make it as affordable as possible for travelers looking to make a difference in underprivileged communities. Together with our passionate volunteers, Zanziplanet Tours is making a huge outcome in the community on this well deserving project, and volunteers can expect the same level of experience as our regular volunteer programs. We invite you to join us, and make your mark on this spirited community. Read More…..

Zanzibar Coast Uplift & Outreach through Teaching Project


Project Costs:

  • 2 Week Placement: € 620
  • 4 Week Placement: € 1500
  • 6 Week Placement: € 1960
  • 8 Week Placement: € 2500

The Zanzibar Coast, with its strong Swahili culture, vibrant population and environmental significance, is a destination of recognized developmental importance in Zanzibar Islands. The Zanzibar Coast Schools & Community Project started a few years ago with 10 broken desktops, 4 working ones, a dilapidated outbuilding and lots of enthusiasm. Today Zanziplanet Tours is proud to say the project manages around 50 computers in four labs, reaching over 500 learners with computer literacy, and is involved with six coastal schools.

The project focuses primarily on three main aspects:

Zanzibar Hands-On Marine & Beach Conservation Volunteering


Project Pricing:

  • 2 weeks € 1570
  • 3 weeks € 2200
  • 4 weeks € 2850

Our Zanzibar Marine & Beach Conservation Volunteer Project is part of the Zanzibar Environmental Protection Program, which was established by Zanziplanet Tours at Jambiani Village in 2002. As a Skip the Line volunteer on this project, you will get involved in the in-depth research of Beach and Marine Conservation, and enjoy hands on volunteer work with Beach and Marine Atolls, on the world’s only significant program for keeping the Environment clear. In 2005 over 2,000 Volunteers participated in the Clean Up Day Program which ensures to keep the beach clean. Join us as a volunteer on the world’s most popular Conservation Project, and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of hands on volunteer work with Zanzibar Marine & Beach Conservation! Read More…..

Zanzibar Marine Research and Conservation Project


Project Pricing:

  • 2 weeks – € 620
  • 4 weeks – € 1500
  • 6 weeks – € 1960
  • 8 weeks – € 2500

Zanzibar Marine Conservation Area Project
The Chumbe Island Conservation Area Project has been established with the aim to closely study marine species and its surrounded environment – Volunteers will assist and produce meaningful and useful data which can be incorporated into other academic research projects. The Project is based in Chumbe Island Conservation Area – a huge, private Island of 70,000 different Marine Species and home to the largest population of giant coconut crabs on Private Island in Zanzibar. Read More…..

Zanzibar Orphan Day Care & HIV/AIDS Education Project



  • 2 weeks: € 970
  • 4 weeks: € 1555
  • 6 weeks: € 2075
  • 8 weeks: € 2595

Surrounding the beautiful area of Zanzibar lies the Historical Stone Town with many children, some of who are orphans, in need of education and care. There are some local crèches and day care centers which provide a place for children to go. Many of these places have little or no resources for play or education, even though the local carers try their best to make do with what they have. Our vision is to assist the carers and teachers by helping with basic learning, fun activities and lots of play for the children – in some places there are as many as 100 energetic children to be looked after! Volunteers play a huge part in this assistance and form special bonds with the children and teachers. Zanziplanet Tours also help with other needs in the community, including HIV/AIDS awareness programs, assist with the care and improving facilities for local orphans, farming to encourage healthy living and refurbishment of important community buildings. This project, with its adorable children, the chance to give important HIV messages and see the rewards of improving community facilities is truly a life changing experience. Read More…..

Zanzibar Super Saver Volunteering: Teaching and Community Development Project


Project Costs:

  • 2 weeks €870
  • 4 weeks €1295
  • 6 weeks €1685
  • 8 weeks €2075

Visit Zanzibar & join us on this must do project and provide teaching assistance in under-resourced schools, and make a positive outcome on the lives of underprivileged children. In the afternoons volunteers can assist with a wide range of Community Upliftment Programs, such as building initiatives, adult literacy clubs, afterschool programs, and helping out in Zanzibar Old People’s Home. We invite volunteers to join Zanziplanet Tours in making our mark in this spirited community… Read More…..

Zanzibar Super Saver 2 Volunteering: Medical and Community Development Project

Project Costs:

  • 2 weeks € 860
  • 4 weeks € 1290
  • 6 weeks € 1680
  • 8 weeks € 2070

Join Zanziplanet Tours on this must do project and provide Medical assistance to under-resourced Clinics, also assist in Home-Based care projects, for those who are too ill or are unable to travel to medical facilities. In the afternoons volunteers assist with a wide range of Community Upliftement Programs, such as building initiatives, adult literacy clubs, afterschool programs, and helping out in Zanzibar Old People’s Home. We invite volunteers to join Zanziplanet Tours in making our mark in this spirited community… Read More…..