Zanzibar Coast Uplift & Outreach through Teaching Project

Project Costs:

  • 2 Week Placement: € 620
  • 4 Week Placement: € 1500
  • 6 Week Placement: € 1960
  • 8 Week Placement: € 2500

The Zanzibar Coast, with its strong Swahili culture, vibrant population and environmental significance, is a destination of recognized developmental importance in Zanzibar Islands. The Zanzibar Coast Schools & Community Project started a few years ago with 10 broken desktops, 4 working ones, a dilapidated outbuilding and lots of enthusiasm. Today Zanziplanet Tours is proud to say the project manages around 50 computers in four labs, reaching over 500 learners with computer literacy, and is involved with six coastal schools.

The project focuses primarily on three main aspects:

Computer Literacy Skills Development

Computer Literacy is only in its infancy in Zanzibar Coastal Villages. Working from an established course framework, volunteers are part of developing a module of appropriate teaching resources for future use in computer literacy courses in rural Zanzibar. The project is committed to resource schools with computers and put into place the necessary training and continued support for these schools to allow them to produce competitive learners for the demanding technological world of adulthood.

Ultimately the program works towards:

  • Meeting learning criteria by teaching computer literacy through reading, maths and the sciences.
  • Developing Environmental learning and applied competencies through sustainable technology and life skills.
  • Interactive Sport’s Development.
  • Equipping rural and urban schools with computers (a multi-phase project)
  • Continued development of appropriate teaching aids and support structures for both teachers and learners.

Interactive Sport’s Development

The sport’s initiative is an exciting drive to introduce and develop on-going growth and appreciation in the sporting arena in socio-economically challenged areas of the Wild Coast. For the most part, schools lack the resources and the capacity to provide effective sports opportunities for their learners.

The program will strive towards creating a formal sporting framework where new sport’s disciplines, teamwork and the understanding of sport etiquette are developed. In a country such as Tanzania and Zanzibar, sport is able to encourage not only a healthy lifestyle, but also develop necessary social skills and peer understanding that is essential to the stability and well being of our society.

Environmental Education and Aesthetic Upliftment of schools

The project has also become increasingly involved in environmental aspects of the school. Volunteer presence in the area has allowed the project to partner with the Eco-schools program by providing booster support to existing environmental projects under the guidance of the Eco-schools team. This partnership is to continue into the future and will involve supporting a range of targets from Marine and Coastal Education.

What Our Projects Managers Said They Love This Project:

  • We are reaching over 1000 rural kids for ICT support on a daily basis.
  • The project is entirely dependent on volunteers – our volunteers are the project!
  • There is a highly organized and structured volunteer system in place in the schools – timetabled lessons are taught by volunteers and there is strong support.
  • Lesson plans and resources are developed by volunteers under the guidance of our two professional facilitators.
  • Volunteers will experience diverse interactions – ICT daily, sport twice a week, art classes once a week and outdoor initiatives such as food gardening support, playground developments, etc. – lots of exciting things for our volunteers to get involved in!
  • Relaxing on the beach and lagoon – bliss!
  • Plenty of optional activities available for volunteers to get involved in – surf school, mountain bike rides, beach horse rides, elephant safaris, big 5 reserve on our doorstep.
  • Stunning volunteer accommodation right on the beach!