Zanzibar on a Shoestring

South Coast ― The Residence Resort

Soak in the vibrant pulse of South Zanzibar, float down the Menai Bay Conservation Area on Arab-style traditional boat and swim with friendly dolphin with your best friend in life that share your appetite for adventure. Enjoy five days packed with Zanzibar’s major sights and out-of-the way gems with the freedom to choose those that interest you. Head along Zanzibar’s ancient city buildings and through the stunning Jozani Forest Animal Park and Giant Tortoise Park of Prison Island. Explore gorgeous scenery of Prison Island and Stone Town or just relax and take it all in.

Tour Highlights: Exploring Stone Town, Prison Island Marine Park and Jozani Forest Animal Park, cruising along Menai Bay Conservation Area to swim with friendly dolphins, discovering history in Stone Town and Prison Islands, walking along traditional shops of Stone Town.

Zanzibar & Fishing Village Cultural Journey

South Coast ― The Residence Resort

While retracing the footsteps of ancient town of Zanzibar along the House of Wonder you realize you’re onto something. You want to get into the heart of Stone Town and our guides will take you ‘over the Anglican cathedral church’. Handpicked for their expertise, they’ll bring you deep in the Heart of Stone Town and walk backward in time with you to Mkunazini Slave Market where you’ll reconnect with ancient ways long forgotten by the modern world. From Freddie Mercury’s House to Palace Museums in the Heart of Stone Town, you won’t just experience Zanzibar’s arts and culture; you’ll become a part of it. Sense and dazzle the fresh spices at Zanzibar spice farms, where you’ll discover the uses of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and vanilla. Explore the magnificent Village of Jambiani where you can learn traditional medicines, social and economic activities.

Tour Highlights: Trying your hand at Zanzibar Stone Town with the help of a local expert, Explore the Heart of Stone Town including The House of Wonder, the Anglican Cathedral Church to Mkunazini Slave Market, Observing and sensing the spices at Zanzibar Spice Farms in the north of Zanzibar, Cruising along Stone Town City sights and do some local shopping, Discover the magnificent village of Jambiani.

Essential Zanzibar

South Coast- Dolphin Bay Resort

Encounter the essence of Zanzibar in all its wonderful diversity—swim with dolphin at Menai Bay Conservation Area and discover the old mosque of Kizimkazi before heading down west of Zanzibar where you’ll relax on sandbank, sipping some mouthwatering drinks and have delicious lunch of seafood on this 3-days tour of Zanzibar’s cultural and natural highlights. Rest your gaze on the old village of Unguja Ukuu, ancient Uzi Island then float down the Zanzibar-famous Three Private Islands. With your accommodation and transport arranged by our expert, this adventure offers up a great combination of must-see highlights and free time to explore on your own.

Tour Highlights: Swim with friendly dolphins, discover the history of ancient mosque of Kizimkazi and exploring the local village of Unguja Ukuu and Uzi Islands, visiting and relaxing on a beautiful Sandbank, doing some snorkeling at Menai Bay Conservation Area, exploring the private island of Bawe and Pungume, cruising with traditional sailing dhow and enjoy the beauty of sunset.

Volunteer Zanzibar

South Coast- Unguja Lodge

This unique itinerary introduces the highlights of Jambiani Fishing Village— from the historic nature of the village to its modernity while allowing you to give back to the community at the same time. From the seaweed farmers to the local cassava cultivators, and work with local youth at a unique seaweed farm centre designed to offer employment opportunities and training to local people. In Jambiani, witness some projects of environmental conservation advocated by Jambiani Marine and Beach Conservation, in north part of Zanzibar indulge in the spice farms that you will taste the spice tea and coffee, taste some tropical fruits, and sense some spices, a unique way to learn some traditional spices around Zanzibar.

Tour Highlights: Volunteering at rural seaweed farmers and working with the local community, coming face-to-face with Zanzibar Seaweed Center, exploring some local projects of environmental conservation, heading to Zanzibar Spice Farms in the north part of the Island, tasting and eating some tropical fruits.


Zanzibar Adventure

East Coast- Anna of Zanzibar

Travelling through Zanzibar is like walking through a beautiful paradise. Everywhere you look, colors dance before your eyes—from stone Town Tours to the Sunset Cruise of Zanzibar, from the Spice Tour in the north of Zanzibar to the Old Persian Bath of Prince Salme. Uncover the secrets of romantic Zanzibar on this 4-day tour of the colorful Swahili and Arabs old town. Marvel at the rampart views from Old Fort and then soak in the relaxed atmosphere of Forodhani Garden. Your friendly guide will take care of the hassles—and travel days are well-paced and include private transport, so you’ll hit the sites refreshed. Be prepared to fall in love with Stone Town!

Tour Highlights: Exploring the colorful historical cities of Stone Town Zanzibar, uncovering ancient old forts, discovering a traditional way of life, reveling in the stunning beauty of the Stone Town.

Zanzibar Swahili Delights

East Coast- Baraza Beach Resort

For years, travelers have made a beeline for the south of Zanzibar. This compact 1-week trip offers a convenient but unhurried way to experience the beautiful beaches and laid-back culture for yourself. Centered in the southern hotspots of Michamvi and Kizimkazi, relax on the beach or get busy on optional excursions—we make it easy to enjoy spectacular dolphin Adventure, Snorkeling and Do Absolutely Nothing Excursions at Safari Blue Day  Tour, such as snorkeling, relaxing on a sandbank and walking over local Swahili Villages. And nothing is more inspiring than savoring a magnificent sunset on the beach—drink in hand, of course.

Tour Highlights: Dolphin Adventure along the stunning coastline of Kizimkazi, exploring ‘The Beach’ at beautiful Menai Bay Conservation Area, do some snorkeling through the pristine coral reef on an optional excursion, relaxing in a tropical paradise.

Zanzibar Stone Town Discovered

East Coast- Breezes Beach Club

From the remarkable mosques and architecture of Anglican Cathedral Church to the ancient capital of Zanzibar, follow the legendary Silk Routes through the exotic best of Stone Town. Indulge in steamy marble hammams, roam the twisting lanes of ancient bazaars and explore the monuments and minarets of Stone Town. Your friendly guide will lead the way, taking care of the hassles and leaving you free to explore a land rich in culture and history. For a great taste of Swahili food, this 3-day adventure serves up only the best.

Tour Highlights: Discovering ancient cities of Stone Town, sipping hot spicy drinks in tiny Zanzibar Coffee houses, bargaining at colorful bazaars, admiring the fountains and Hammams of the Stone Town, staying in a traditional Zanzibar Hotels.

Zanzibar on a Shoestring

East Coast- The Palms Hotel

Wander the tranquil city of Stone Town and experience the Arabian colonial influence while sipping coffee at a café. Take 6 days to uncover this laid-back corner of Zanzibar. While you’re free to choose your own adventure, your accommodation and transportation are included and our expert Tour Guide will help you make the most of your time. Take a slow boat down the Prison Island or admire the history and culture of Zanzibar from your half day walking tours.

Tour Highlights: Exploring vibrant Stone Town, reveling in the shadows of Stone Town, discovering the serenity of Stone Town and its peoples, floating on the Prison Island, experiencing the beauty of scenic Prison Island, enjoying the bustle of Stone Town.